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Heba Jallad at the Arabian Canadian Bazaar Heba Jallad at the Arabian Canadian Bazaar Wahed Mohammed Photography

What Do You Want The World to Know about Arab Culture? - Heba Jallad

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Muslim Link is continuing its series Muslims of Ottawa. At the Arabian Canadian Bazaar, we asked Arab Muslims from Ottawa the question: What Do You Want The World to Know about Arab Culture?. Here is Heba Jallad's response.

"A lot of people ask me if I got to change my nationality what would it be? I say I want to be Palestinian and Arab! Even though I haven't been to my country as much as I wanted to but it is beautiful. I've been there once. Arabs there are very generous and sweet. They have good hearts and right intentions. I wish everyone could be like that. People should learn about our culture, our traditions. We are actually really fun and open-minded. We like everyone, no matter where the person is from, what age, what colour, what culture."

Photo courtesy of Wahed Mohammed Photography.

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Muslims of Ottawa is a photographic representation of the diversity and humanity of our community. The project is two-fold: (1) We want to share and document the broad array of cultures, lifestyles, professions and other defining features of Muslims in Ottawa and (2) we want to hear from members of the community in their own words. This project originally began as a partnership between Muslim Link and abcreatives, who took 20 photos of Muslims in Ottawa. Muslim Link is now continuing the project which takes its inspiration primarily from Humans of New York, but is also influenced by loveOttawa and Somali Sideways.