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Progress on the Jami Omar is finally visible to all now that imposing mosque structure is in place. Photo credit: Jamiatul Muslimeen of Ottawa Carleto Progress on the Jami Omar is finally visible to all now that imposing mosque structure is in place. Photo credit: Jamiatul Muslimeen of Ottawa Carleto Photo credit: Jamiatul Muslimeen of Ottawa Carleton

Jami Omar mosque nears closer to completion

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Sometimes a slow start leads up to a surprising finish. Look to the west of Ottawa, to the site of the Jami Omar Mosque, where after years of what looked like little or no progress, there now stands an almost fully completed mosque.

In truth, major construction on the Jami Omar Mosque had been completed much earlier, but as with the other mosque projects, most of it occurred underground, noticeable only to careful observers. Now, that the basic structure of the mosque is complete, it is easier more those of us driving by the site to connect it with the beautiful artists' rendition of the finished building found on the Jami Omar fundraising webpage.

So far, the contractors have finished putting up the structure, completed the walls, put in the roof and are currently installing the plumbing in the bathrooms, gymnasium, wudhu (ablution) and kitchen facilities. What is left on the contractor's “to do list” are the interior and exterior finishing of the walls, the installment of windows and doors, insulation, heat and lighting.

Of particular interest to those who have donated to the mosque project is the protection of their investment over the winter. Door and window openings were recently sealed to protect the structure from damage from snow and ice.

Muslim residents of Ottawa will recall that Jami Omar is the only place where there is a proper funeral facility. The completed structure will add a gymnasium, a fitness room, kitchen and prayer hall.

Work continues as the snow falls with an upcoming hydro connection to the building paving the way for remaining tasks. While Jami Omar's Imam Anver Malam initially anticipated that the mosque would be ready by Ramadan 2011, he now admits that it was wishful thinking. Although half of the total cost of the project has been covered, an additional $3 million is required to finish this beautiful center.

As in the case of the Gatineau mosque, now that the structure of Jami Omar has begun to fill the skyline, Imam Anver says people are more excited to donate to finish the building project. He hopes more donations will come in more quickly to complete the mosque.

The Jamiatul Muslimeen of Ottawa-Carleton, the organisation that manages Jami Omar, has set up a “Buy a Brick” fundraising campaign to raise money for the project. Information on the campaign is available at:

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Sakina bint Erik

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