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To check out Muslim Kids TV's programming, sign up the 14 Day Free Trial (details in article) To check out Muslim Kids TV's programming, sign up the 14 Day Free Trial (details in article)

Looking for Quality Islamic Entertainment for Kids While School's Out? Check Out Canada's Muslim Kids TV

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Five years ago, Muslim Link the creators of Muslim Kids TV about what was then a newly launched video platform for Muslim children.

Remember those days when YouTube was virtually ad-free and many of us still didn’t have Netflix?

Back then Muslim Kids TV had less than 200 videos and only a handful of video games.

Fast forward five years, the company has achieved international success and is the premium platform for Muslim children’s entertainment and education.

Muslim Kids TV is still based in Western Canada-Shout out to Made in Canada!-and we recently caught up with the founders, a husband and wife AbdurRahman Milo and Flordeliza Dayrit team, both converts to Islam. Shout out to Made in Canada! If you are a new user, you can sign up for a 14 Day Free Trial.

So why do you think you have achieved the success you have with Muslim Kids TV?

AbdurRahman Milo: We owe everything to parents. I think they have found value in the programs and educational activities that are available on Muslim Kids TV. We have always tried our best to listen to what parents want and respond.

Things like our live streaming TV channel that runs 24/7, and being available across web, mobile and Smart TVs makes it really easy for parents. We receive feedback almost daily that parents are happy to be able to leave their children in a safe place where they don’t have to worry
about the values the child is picking up.

We try hard to make an enjoyable experience for kids because if the child is happy then the parents are also happy.

You make a good point about making children happy. I know some of the ways we teach Islam to children can actually make them turn away if it is not done correctly.

Flordeliza Dayrit: You are right. The Prophet SAS always adjusted the delivery of the message depending upon the audience. His interaction with kids was always about play and love. That is what we strive to do with our programming – we make learning a playful experience. Children have an
amazing capacity to learn through play so why make the learning experience difficult?

One of our goals with Muslim Kids TV is to develop a healthy Muslim identity starting at a young age. We do this by providing Muslim role models on screen – children see themselves reflected in the media they watch. This means we also give children the opportunity to be on camera.

Children are always participating in all of the creative aspects of our shows from writing, acting, songs, artwork. It is amazing to see how much confidence a child develops through participating in our shows.

This is what we find most unique about Muslim Kids TV is the participation of children in the shows. Can you tell us more about this and your popular shows?

Flordeliza Dayrit: Mama and Lulu is one of the most popular shows. Lulu is a curious bird that flies around the world with her mother learning life lessons through the lives of the Prophets. Lulu is played by a young girl from South Africa and the series celebrates single moms.

Maruf and Maryam is the story about an All-American Muslim family. The brother and sister duo are the main characters who come to terms with growing up and practicing Islam in the West.

Rhymes for Kith and Kin is a series of songs by a young Egyptian Canadian singer. Let’s Move is a series of music videos performed by children 5 and under.

Every year we have Ramadan Stories where child writers from around the world compete to have their stories turned into animations.

We also have cooking shows and arts and craft shows done with kids. So the content is very extensive and touches the diverse interests of most children.

So what is new and exciting with Muslim Kids TV and where are you heading to?

AbdurRahman Milo: We are really happy to announce that we are releasing TV apps on most major brands.

Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV have launched. Roku and Android will be launching late December and early January followed by Samsung and LG. Many parents have told us that they want the convenience of TV viewing and we have delivered, al’hamdulillah.

Flordeliza Dayrit: We have some amazing new programs releasing, including the over 200 episodes of lives for the Prophets of Allah series. Over the past year we have expanded our library to nearly 4,000 episodes. This covers a wide variety of topics from Islamic education to values-based entertainment to STEM and arts programming – now covering all age groups from ages 2 – 12 years.

AbdurRahman Milo: We look forward to increasing the quality of Islamic children’s programming year after year. We hope that this will encourage Muslims children from around the world to participate and share their values, traditions and history.

Let’s continue to grow Islamic media for children through your commitment and support. May Allah SWT accept this from all of us as sadaqah jaariyah, Ameen.

Curious about Muslim Kids TV? To sign up for a 14 Day Free Trial today, click here.

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