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Government of Canada Announces Funding for Anti-Racism Projects Tackling Islamophobia

Government of Canada Announces Funding for Anti-Racism Projects Tackling Islamophobia

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At the National Action Summit on Islamophobia on July 22nd, the Honourable Bardish Chagger, Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth also announced support for 8 projects through the Anti-Racism Action Program that address Islamophobia and aim to remove systemic barriers faced by Muslim communities.

Organization: Canadian Arab Institute
Title: Breaking Down to Build Up; Debunking Arab Identity Myths and Tackling Racism
Description: The project aims to combat racism and discrimination experienced by Arab-Canadians by creating myth-busting videos and shows.
Funding Amount: $184,000

Organization: Somali Canadian Association of Etobicoke
Title: Somali Muslim Hate Crime Summit
Description: The project aims to improve the community's capacity to address online hate on social media and other cyber domains, and to develop solutions.
Funding Amount: $75,000

Organization: Riverdale Immigrant Women's Centre
Title: Islamophobia Helpline for Muslim Women and Youth
Description: The project aims to alleviate systemic barriers to justice experienced by Muslim women encountering Islamophobia, and to improve greater access to resources.
Funding Amount: $288,387

Organization: Urban Alliance on Race Relations
Title: Black and Muslim Youth Leadership Initiative
Description: The project aims to improve Black and Muslim youth's access to employment in government/public policy, justice system, environmental sector, arts, and technology in the Greater Toronto Area.
Funding Amount: $235,800

Organization: The Afghan Women's Centre
Title: Empowering racialized women: Social participation, social justice and systemic change
Description: The project will address gaps in social participation and access to employment for Central Asian women in Quebec, primarily from Muslim backgrounds, which contribute to addressing issues of isolation and disengagement in society.
Funding Amount: $203,702

Organization: ZMQ Global
Title: Window of Quebec
Description: The project will use the "Your Story Teller" app technology to create "digital talking comics" that will document grassroots testimonials of five marginalized communities in Quebec (Indigenous, Black, Arab-Muslim, Latin American and South Asian). The digital tool will aim to build knowledge, change attitudes and develop new practices to address systemic barriers within the employment sector.
Funding Amount: $287,840

Organization: Al Ihsan Educational Foundation
Title: Online Mosaic Anti-Hate Project/Islam Unravelled Project
Description: Additional support will allow for the expansion of the online hate project addressing Islamophobia to also include anti-Asian online hate.
Funding Amount: $199,000

Organization: Muslim Association of Canada (MAC)
Title: Ballers for Hope
Description: The project aims to address systemic barriers to social participation for Muslim youth girls, more specifically in sports by providing them with tools and support to improve their representation.
Funding Amount: $349,210

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