Muslim Link is the labour of love of a team of individuals who, despite all working regular jobs, are committed to keeping Canada’s Muslim Online Community Hub alive.

Often staying connected through email, text, phone, WhatsApp, Skype, and the occasional meeting at Tim Horton’s or Bridgehead, the team keeps the overhead costs of running the paper down by working virtually instead of in an office.


Team Members

Mohammad Dourou

Mohammad Dourou - Publisher

Mohammad Dourou is the Publisher of Muslim Link. He took over ownership of Muslim Link in 2007 while still in his twenties. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to ensure the paper survives, despite limited revenue. Like most entrepreneurs, Mohammad is responsible for a variety of tasks from website design and maintenance, to sales and distribution. He is a graduate of Carleton University’s Computer System Engineering Program and works full-time for a local agency that provides digital marketing and global e-commerce solutions.

Chelby Daigle

Chelby Daigle - Coordinator

Chelby Marie Daigle is Muslim Link’s Coordinator. Under her direction, Muslim Link adopted its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy so that the paper strives to reflect the complexity of the region’s Muslim communities. As Coordinator, she works to build relationships with local Muslim and mainstream organizations and manages the paper's social media and events listing. She also works closely with the Publisher to develop operational policies for the paper. Chelby currently works as the facilitator of a program for immigrant and refugee young women and as an administrator supporting racialized communities to inform policy in a municipal institution. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Find her on Twitter @ChelbyDaigle

Amira Elghawaby

Amira Elghawaby - Editorial Advisor

Amira Elghawaby is Muslim Link’s Editorial Advisor. She is providing professional guidance and training to the Muslim Link team and writers. Amira is also developing relevant newspaper and website policies and a style guide. Amira obtained a degree in Journalism and Law from Carleton University in 2001. Since then, she has worked as both a full-time and freelance journalist and editor, writing and producing stories for a variety of media including the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, CBC-Radio, Rabble and the Middle East Times. She is the History Editor for New Canadian Media. Find her on Twitter @AmiraElghawaby.

Palvashah Durrani

Palvashah Durrani - Content Editor

Palvashah Durrani is Muslim Link’s Content Editor. In her role, she reviews writer’s submissions and edits them for clarity, accuracy, and tone. She also ensures that submissions are in line with Muslim Link’s content policies. Palvashah has volunteered with the Ottawa Muslim Women’s Organization (OMWO) for several years, focusing particularly on the group’s annual Festival of Friendship. With an education in Biology and Classical Studies from the University of Waterloo, she is an experienced educator, freelance writer, and editor who currently works full-time as a technical writer and information developer for a local high tech firm.