About Muslim Link


Muslim Link aims to inform, connect, inspire and celebrate Muslims living in Canada. We build community through storytelling.

Muslims in Canada come from a diversity of ethno-cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Some have newly arrived as refugees, others are third generation Canadians. Some are struggling on social assistance in subsidized housing; others are making three-figure salaries and living in expensive neighbourhoods. Some have recently retired; others are just trying to get that first job while still in high school. Some identify strongly with Islam as a way of life, others are still working out what being Muslim means to them. Muslim Link hopes to create a space where the diversity of these experiences can be captured and explored in order to increase Ottawa’s Muslims’ understanding of themselves and each other.

Muslim Link is independent of and not affiliated with any Muslim organization in Canada or abroad. This independence allows us to be free to explore the diversity of perspectives within Canada’s Muslim communities. To learn more about the people behind Muslim Link visit Our Team Page.

Muslim Link provides an avenue for Muslim and non-Muslim organizations to advertise and communicate with the Muslim communities of Canada.


Muslim Link is an online hub that provides a forum for people from all backgrounds to read and write stories exploring the diversity of Muslims in Canada.

Our articles and blog posts aim to educate and create awareness on topics pertaining to Muslim life in Canada, in particular the achievements of local Muslims in the fields of community service, education, business, and arts & culture.

Muslim Link also partners with local businesses and community agencies to write promotional articles specifically tailored for a Muslim audience.

Muslim Link also strives to build bridges between Canada's Muslim and non-Muslim communities. By showcasing the diversity of Canada's Muslim community, non-Muslims will have an opportunity to explore its complexity. By profiling the lives and work of non-Muslims, our Muslim readership will gain a better understanding of their non-Muslim friends and neighbours.

Muslim Link has developed an innovative Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy aimed at ensuring that we strive to represent the full spectrum of Muslim Life in Canada across ethno-cultural, socio-economic, regional, and generational lines. We do not differentiate between people who identify as Muslim based on degree of religious practice or religious orientation if we feel they have a story that will be of benefit to our readers. It is this inclusive approach that makes our site better able to reach a wider diversity of Muslims in Canada.

Muslim Link also has a regularly updated Event Listings which aims to spread the word about upcoming events by or of interest to Muslims in Canada. We currently have Event Listings for Ottawa, Toronto/GTA, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, London, and Windsor.

Muslim Link is also now building a Directory of businesses and services owned by Muslims and/or catering to the needs and interests of Muslims in Canada. We currently have Directory Listings for Ottawa, Toronto/GTA, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, London, and Windsor.


At the beginning of its journey, Muslim Link was launched as a newsletter in September 2002 to create a forum for Muslim voices to speak and be heard. In its first year, we compiled, published, and distributed seven issues on a variety of timely themes. Each issue had a distribution of 4,000 copies covering all Jummah (Friday worship service) locations and Islamic schools in Ottawa/Gatineau.

One year later, Muslim Link made history by becoming the first Muslim English-language newspaper in Ottawa-Gatineau.

In October 2014, Muslim Link discontinued its print publication. It now focuses exclusively on its website.

Muslim Link strives to not directly or indirectly favour any Muslim organization or group over another. Coverage of news related to Muslim organizations does not equal endorsement.


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